Assisted Living ‘Wireless Room Unit’


Our client, a leading healthcare provider, recognized the need for an advanced wireless communication solution to enhance emergency response capabilities in healthcare facilities.

With a focus on patient safety and well-being, they sought a reliable partner to develop a battery powered, low power consumption, wireless room unit capable of transmitting emergency response messages efficiently.


The challenge presented was to design a compact and energy-efficient wireless room unit that could seamlessly integrate with the customer’s existing healthcare radio protocol.

The device needed to operate on minimal power, with a quiescent current in the microampere range to ensure extended battery life spanning years. Battery power and low power consumption also ensured that the unit was as least intrusive as possible within the user environment, and also required minimal installation requirements.

Additionally, it had to transmit emergency response messages reliably at 868MHz, utilizing the customer’s bespoke radio transmission and messaging service.


Leveraging our expertise in electronics design and wireless communication systems, we embarked on designing the wireless room unit to meet our client’s specific requirements.

Key Features of the Solution:

  • Integration with Healthcare Radio Protocol: Our team meticulously engineered the wireless room unit to interface seamlessly with the customer’s existing healthcare radio protocol, ensuring compatibility and interoperability with the healthcare facility’s communication infrastructure.
  • Low Power Consumption: The device was designed with ultra-low power consumption, drawing microampere-level quiescent current to prolong battery life. This ensures uninterrupted operation for years, minimizing the need for frequent battery replacements and maintenance.
  • Wireless Transmission at 868MHz: The wireless room unit operates at the 868MHz frequency band, utilizing the customer’s bespoke radio transmission and messaging service. This frequency band offers reliable communication over extended ranges, ensuring prompt transmission of emergency response messages.
  • Emergency Response Messaging: The primary function of the wireless room unit is to transmit a range of response messages (‘Emergency’, ‘Call’, ‘Assistance’) from hospital beds, elderly people’s homes, and assisted living complexes. This provides users with the assurance that a member of staff is readily available for assistance in case of emergencies or urgent situations. The unit can also be triggered via an external switch input, permitting operation by those who cannot actuate the main front panel controls.


The deployment of the wireless room unit has yielded significant benefits for healthcare facilities and their occupants, including:

  • Enhanced Safety and Security: The wireless room unit provides an additional layer of safety and security by enabling prompt communication of emergency response messages to healthcare staff, facilitating timely assistance and intervention.
  • Improved Peace of Mind: Users, including patients, residents, and caregivers, benefit from increased peace of mind knowing that help is just a button press away. This contributes to a sense of reassurance and confidence in the quality of care provided.
  • Streamlined Emergency Response: The seamless integration of the wireless room unit with the existing healthcare radio protocol streamlines emergency response procedures, allowing for swift and coordinated action in critical situations.

In conclusion, our collaboration with the healthcare provider has resulted in the successful development and deployment of a compact, battery-powered wireless room unit tailored to meet the demands of modern healthcare environments. By leveraging our technical expertise and commitment to innovation, we have delivered a solution that enhances emergency response capabilities, improves safety, and provides peace of mind to patients, residents, and caregivers alike. We are proud to have contributed to the advancement of healthcare communication technology and look forward to continuing our partnership in the future.

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