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We have been designing and manufacturing high quality, high reliability electronic products in the UK for over 30 years, undertaking projects ranging from quick turn-around prototypes to full product development and testing.

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Radio Frequency Design

General Analogue Design

Hydraulic & Pneumatic Control

Experienced Electronic Product Developers

With facilities to design, develop, prototype and manufacture in house, the full process of a project at Jubilee Electronics is quick and efficient.

Enclosures, assembly details, wiring etc. are all carefully considered from a projects inception, ensuring that when a design is complete, it can easily be transferred through to a fully developed product.


Product Development
Electronic Circuitry

We can design equipment that ranges from monitoring circuits running for several years from a small battery, to circuits controlling several kilowatts.

Working down to component level allows us to design and manufacture equipment to our client’s exact specifications. We can develop products that combine different circuit topologies to meet our clients design requirements.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Our product development process involves a series of steps including initial concept brainstorming, market research, prototyping, testing, and finalizing the design. We ensure that each step is carefully executed to bring your vision to life.

    The duration of the product development process varies depending on the complexity of the product. However, we strive to maintain efficient timelines while ensuring high-quality output.

    Yes, we believe that understanding the market is vital for successful product development. We assist in conducting comprehensive market research to understand customer needs and industry trends.

    Absolutely! We believe in the importance of testing and validating the product before it goes into full-scale production. We provide prototype testing to identify and rectify any potential issues early in the process.

    Yes, we are equipped to handle product development projects of all sizes, from small-scale to high-volume production.

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