Electronics Compliance
And Approvals

Compliance and standards accreditation is becoming an increasingly vital part of the electronic design and development process.


Identify the applicable Standards and Directives


Ascertain the design requirements & parameters for conformity.


Identify & undertake route of design, test and manufacture to ensure conformity.


Pre-compliance testing, and analysis of the product’s functionality.


Lab compliance testing & accreditation (using accredited test lab/s).


Compile the Technical Documentation

Compliance &
Accreditation Process

With our on-site testing facilities, close ties with accredited test laboratories, and application of comprehensive testing methods, we work to ensure your product complies with the applicable standards through the full project development cycle.

At the early stages of a project, we work with you to scope and define the applicable standards. We then undertake the design and development work in careful consideration of these standards and applicable test criteria.


On Site Electronics
Compliance And Approval

All designs are tested in-house prior to any external lab testing to ensure full functionality. We also have available a suite of test equipment that we can provide for in-house pre-compliance testing (vibration test rigs, temperature controlled test ovens, spectrum analysers, RF measurement instruments, ESD equipment, thermal imaging equipment etc.).

With pre-compliance testing complete, we work with accredited laboratories to have your product undergo an applicable suite of tests (EMC, environmental, safety etc.). Once successfully completed, the project Technical File can be compiled, and the Declaration of Conformity can be issued for the CE (or applicable) Mark.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    We adhere to a variety of compliance standards depending on the product and market. This includes ISO, CE, FCC, RoHS, and more.

    We conduct thorough testing and documentation throughout the design and manufacturing process to ensure all products meet the necessary compliance standards.

    Yes, we can assist with the certification process for your product. We understand the requirements of various certifications and can guide you through the process.

    Yes, we regularly monitor changes in compliance standards to ensure our processes and products remain compliant.

    In the event of a non-compliance issue, we take immediate action to investigate and rectify the problem. We also review our processes to prevent similar issues in the future.

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