High Temperature Control System


A client approached us with a request to design a control system for an innovative downhole tool they were developing.

Designing a high-temperature electronic control system for the oil/downhole industry posed several formidable challenges.

The system needed to withstand extreme temperatures exceeding 150°C, endure shock and vibration, and operate reliably in a hostile downhole environment.

Additionally, the system had to accommodate varying motor drive requirements, maintain modularity for flexibility, and ensure ease of maintenance by non-electronics experts.

Battery performance, component reliability, and pressure considerations further complicated the task.


To address these challenges, we adopted a modular design approach, developing subsystem modules such as CPU boards, motor drive control boards, and sensor boards connected via a carrier COMM’s board.

This modular design facilitated easy replacement and maintenance.

Careful sourcing and analysis led to the integration of high-temperature components, while power usage concerns (as the system is battery powered) were mitigated by a low-power sleep mode for extended storage (uA quiescent current), with onboard sensors used for tool + electronics re-activation.


Our implementation involved rigorous research and development, testing various electronic components and battery configurations to ensure real-world performance and reliability.

The design process encompassed iterative stages, culminating in a production-ready system capable of withstanding the demanding downhole conditions.

Temperature, pressure, shock, vibration, and operational data are logged in non-volatile memory for analysis and future development.



The resulting control system met and exceeded expectations, providing a reliable solution for downhole applications.

Its modular design facilitated adaptability to different tool configurations and control requirements, while the inclusion of high-temperature components ensured longevity and robustness.

Clients benefited from the system’s flexibility, serviceability, and expandable nature, enabling them to program custom tool routines.

Furthermore, the logged data proved invaluable for ongoing tool development and monitoring, enhancing client understanding of tool usage and performance.

Looking ahead, ongoing developments include support for power and communication integration within drill pipes and the pursuit of extended temperature operation up to 200°C, with specific circuits already in development pending advancements in battery technology.

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