HVAC Machine Control System


The HVAC industry presents formidable challenges in efficiently fabricating ductwork while maintaining precision and minimizing manual intervention. Our client sought a solution to streamline the fabrication process, integrating seamlessly with existing machinery and enhancing overall productivity.


Jubilee Electronics has been instrumental in designing and manufacturing a sophisticated control system tailored for a machine employed in the Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) industry.

This machine, alongside its associated control system, serves as a cornerstone in our client’s extensive machinery and product portfolio.

With a wealth of experience spanning over four decades, our client specializes in crafting machinery specifically catered to the HVAC sector, with a global customer base.

The machinery and control systems developed through our collaborative efforts are distributed worldwide, catering to diverse operational requirements and supporting a wide range of 3-Phase operating voltages from 110V to 560VAC.


Jubilee Electronics engineered a bespoke control system to meet our client’s precise requirements. This control system serves as the backbone of the innovative machine, enabling seamless automation and precision throughout the fabrication process. Equipped with an embedded MCU-based machine control board interfacing with an SBC for software front-end and GUI, our solution ensures optimal performance and ease of operation.

The machine itself is designed to transform flat sheet ducts into fully formed components, complete with folds and flanges. Utilizing a unique dual hydraulic control system, the machine efficiently transforms notched sheets into complete ductwork, automating the intricate process of forming flanges along the edges. Optical sensors integrated into the machine allow for precise folding of notched corners, ensuring accuracy irrespective of part dimensions.

The control system drives two independent roll formers, each equipped with its own drive motor, to form flanges on both sides of a notched sheet. Optical sensors detect notches to automate sheet feeding and signal servo drives to adjust speed and initiate folding at precise locations.

Our control system operates in either open or closed-loop configurations:

  • Open Loop: In open-loop mode, fixed control voltages are supplied to each servo drive without compensating for loading variations. Despite efforts to set up feed speeds accurately, variances in machine tooling tolerances and mechanical wear may introduce minor errors, potentially resulting in defective parts.
  • Closed Loop: Closed-loop operation incorporates encoders on each roll-former drive, enabling precise control through a 3-term PID (Proportional-Integral-Derivative) controller. PID control ensures constant feed speeds on each side, simplifying setup and overcoming tolerance issues between drives and roll-formers.


The implementation of our tailored control system has resulted in a significant improvement in efficiency and productivity for our client and their customers.

The machine operates seamlessly within manufacturing spaces, with optical sensors facilitating accurate fabrication, thereby enhancing product quality.

The dual-mode operation provides versatility and reliability, ensuring consistent performance under varying conditions, and mitigating the risk of defective parts.

In conclusion, Jubilee Electronics’ collaboration with our client has led to the development of an advanced control system, revolutionizing ductwork fabrication in the HVAC industry.

Our innovative design and engineering solutions ensure efficient and precise operation, enhancing productivity and quality across global manufacturing facilities.

We are dedicated to delivering cutting-edge technologies that empower our clients to excel in their respective industries.

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